4 Best WordPress SEO tools & get higher rank on Google

In this article I am going to tell you some super exciting WordPress SEO tools that are really gonna help you in Search engine optimization of your website. These tools are not specified for WordPress, You can also use them even if you are using Blogger or any other website builder.

The tools provided below are authentic, trustable and tested by our team. So, feel free to use them and get a high rank in search engines. These are not WordPress plugins, below is the list of some tools that are helpful as they show analytics of sites, backlinks checkers, help in planning keywords and much more.

So, without further delay let’s get into the WordPress SEO tools.


AHREFS is also all in one SEO toolkit for blogger, digital marketers and many businesses. It is great alternate of SEMRush, it provide all the services e.g. keyword research, backlink analysis and many other tools.


You can also check your website’s health by AHREFS tools, so that you can improve your site visibility on the Google and get a lot more traffic without facing any difficulty.

It’s paid features are super amazing but if you do not have a budget, you can also get benefits with the free tools. Or if you want to experience its free version you can try its 7-day trial for $7, that gives you access to their all tools e.g. site explorer, keyword explorer, site audit, rank tracker, content explorer and a lot of others.


AHREFS Backlink Checker is really fantastic, it’s backlinks index is updated every 15 minutes.
This tool is 100% and shows you domain rating, backlinks and referring domains in detailed view. I am personally using this free tool, and this is working superb for me. I can say, you are also going to use this tool very much and improve your site SEO for free of cost.

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SEMRush is all in one tool to improve your site’s online search engine visibility and to grow your organic traffic. It is a very  famous and best tool for SEO. It is used by professionals, experts, digital marketers, bloggers and the everyone who does SEO.    

SEMRush website SEO toolkit
SEMRush Site Interface

It can be used to find out keyword’s monthly searches, domain vs domain, domain score and also you can see your competitor site’s analytics, cpc map and backlink audit tool and organic traffic insights, etc. 

It’s paid features are valuable and amazing, you can also get access to some tools for free but with limited access. Or if you want to experience its free version you can try its Free Trial e.g. Backlinks analytics, Content Marketing Platform, Branded reports, Historical Data, Extended limit and lot of more.


SEMRush SEO Writing Assistant helps you to improve your content and helps to get higher rank with professional content on a specific keyword. It helps to write SEO friendly content, grow more traffic and increase engagement to the visitors.

The SEMRush offers three premium plans; pro, guru and business. These all plans come with all pro features, also you get extra features with every premium plan you purchase.


Google search console is another best tool provided by GOOGLE for website owners and website developers to maintain their site’s presence on the Google search Engine.

When you make a site and want it to be searched on google. Then you submit your site’s sitemaps to be crawled by Google and index pages. Google Search Console works to present your site on google. Or if there’s any error while presenting your content on Google, it guides you to solve those errors. 

SEO toolkit by google search console
Google Search Console

And the fascinating point, it provides everything completely free. It shows how your site is performing and which content is making your higher ranks. Also it gives detailed view about site coverage and site enhancements. 

Here’s a plugin if you are using WordPress. MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin helps you to see all of the Google Search Console data in your WordPress dashboard. So that, whenever you log in to your WordPress Dashboard you can see those reports. 

It is very helpful, if you want detailed article on its feature, so click Best Features of MonsterInsights WordPress Plugin


If Google’s crawler is not indexing any of your site’s page, Google Search Console gives you a tool URL Inspection, where you inspect URL and later the crawler indexes your page.

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Google Pagespeed Insights is also one of the best tool, It calculates your site’s loading speed and provide you are complete analysis on it for absolutely free. This tools is really helpful, as it gives instructions to make your site fast than your competitor’s site.

When you are not getting more traffic, it is because of your site loading speed. As no one have much time to wait, that person will definitely leave your site. It increase bouncing rate of visitors on your site. In the end, you lose your traffic. 


Google Pagespeed Insights tells errors and problems that are cause of your site’s slow loading speed. So that you improve the site. It analyse site performance and scores the site from 1 to 100, and below shows how you can make it fast, what are reasons behind slow site. 

You can make your site fast by following this tool’s instructions e.g. minimise HTTP redirections and further problems analyzed by Google Pagespeed Insights. Slow landing site never comes in the first page of Google, so it is very important to make your site fast. 


All of the tools described above are helpful in blogging as these tools help in Search Engine optimization of your site. I hope these are helpful for you too. For more great tools stay connected with us on social media to get daily updated about our every post.

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