Buying domain is not much difficult, everyone can buy and start their website.

So, In this article I am going to teach you how you can deal with buying a professional domain name and hosting for your blogging business. And install WordPress website builder on your site. So, Before learning about buying domain you should know some major information that are going to this step easy for you.

Boom! You are at the startup of the Blogging career, meaning you are doing awesome. Stay with the same energy and same passion, you are gonna succeed. (I guarantee)

To create a blog and make it publish online, needs a domain and hosting. So we are buying domain name for our website. Buying domain & hosting are like places you own “online”. So Let’s get started:

What is Domain?

A domain is a name (link or address), and hosting is a server where your all web database is stored and provides that data to the visitor when someone visits your website.

As you are starting, you can go with free domain and hosting but they provide only limited services. For example: website loading speed is very slow and they provide less storage to store web databases.

So, I personally don’t recommend these types of free services. It is just a waste of time and also it is a waste of your hard work.

But i can recommend cheap domain providers, if you have a low budget you can go with cheap domain and web hosting. These providers give you enough speed and storage for the database.

List of some best domain & hosting providers:

If you use any of the links provided on our website, you can get up to 50% additional discount on these sites for limited time.

If you buy from the above list, they all are offering premium domain names for free on an annual hosting plan and that’s really crazy for just a limited time, Grab it before it expires.

Guidance for starting:

Make sure you buy a whole package that comes with a hosting, domain and SSL certificate. Also make sure that your selected plan is suitable for your idea. (bandwidth, storage and monthly traffic etc will be enough as you need for your blogspot)

Please make sure that you buy domain from the same providers, it helps you a lot in setting up your domain name for your hosting.

My preferences:

I prefer you bluehost to buy domain and hosting, as I am using it choice plus plan. It gives you unlimited websites hosting, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, SSL certificate and a domain for free with unlimited sub domains

Buying Domain & Hosting:

Followings are steps:

1. Go to Bluehost website by clicking here.

Bluehost website

2. There are best plans for you. Choose your plan that is cheap and affordable for you. Select a plan that suits you.

Bluehost hosting plans lists
Bluehost Plans

3. Search a domain name that you want for your website or business. Boom! This is the free domain, Bluehost is not going to charge for one year. (You are eligible to get a free domain for one year)

buying that domain which suits you.
Choosing A name for Website

There you go! Pay with Paypal, Visa or Mastercard and own that Domain and Hosting.

pay and creating account for buying domain
Create Account & Pay

After pay you will be redirected to dashboard, also you get notified by email and now go to the hosting dashboard then click on CPanel to install WordPress.

Setting Up:

It’s the last step that’s somehow difficult and i know you can do it. Nothing to worry because I am always there for you to erase your difficulties. 

Facing any problem? Don’t Worry! Feel free to send an email I will definitely guide you for free.

By connecting domain and hosting you get a cpanel where you have hundreds of apps pre-installed.

You will have to find a Softaculous Apps installer then install wordpress over there. But it is the next step I will teach you after you connect your hosting to domain name. 

If you bought a complete package as I described above, then you do not need to connect hosting to your domain. You get a domain pre-attached to hosting. 

In case, you buy hosting and domain from different registrars. You need to change domain’s nameservers according to your hosting providers. Learn how to change nameservers.

So before you learn about wordpress you have to choose the best hosting for your website.If you haven’t bought hosting yet, you may have a look at our article: Best 5 Cheap & Affordable Hosting Providers.

Boom! You have completed the most difficult step on the first attempt.

We have an important step before installing wordpress that is to install an SSL certificate on your website. It secures your website from cyber attacks and builds a special user trust on your website. Also learn How to install SSL certificate on your site.

Installing WordPress to your domain:

Now You have to install WordPress on your website to make it beautiful and customize according to your needs.

1. Go to Cpanel and find a Softaculous Apps installer.

cpanel view when you get hosting and domain
Cpanel Image

2. Click on Softaculous Apps installer.

Softaculous Apps installer web view
Softaculous Apps installer

3. Choose WordPress and Fill information according to you. Choose a strong password so that no one can hack your website.

installing wordpress
Installing WordPress

4. Now at the last box enter your email, so that you get all the information over there.

sending details to email
Submiting Informations

Click Install. Everything is now set up! You can customize your site by logging in to your site’s wordpress admin dashboard.

There you go! 

You can access your dashboard by adding (site-address/wp-login.php) to your site address. Log in there and customize your site according to you.

If you find anything further difficult for you, shoot me an email at, I am always available for my visitors. I will guide you for free and if you want any type of service from me or want to hire me to make your website, I will be available to help you out and get you out of that trouble. 

If you completed all above steps without facing any problem tell us by commenting below, share your thoughts and ideas. Maybe someone will get help from your comment. Remember me in your prayers and keep supporting us.


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