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Instagram is a community and a part of social media. It is a diverse platform, with users from all walks of life sharing their photos and stories. Some people use instagram for personal use or fun and some people use it for their businesses. But the main point is to publish your post and get more likes. Everyone loves getting likes on instagram to become famous whether it is on video or photograph.

IG is a great place to promote your marketing product or video. These days most of the users want to increase their instagram likes. Also lots of people lost their interest after getting bored of uploading and posting but still they don’t get enough likes. The problem is that we often overthink the simple things and try to complicate the process of getting more likes. Although the biggest currency on instagram is the likes u get on your post. 

In this article you will learn how to get likes on instagram with simple tips and tricks.

So, without wasting your time let’s get started.

Just read it, apply it, and get more likes.

How to get free likes on insta? 

There are several ways to get likes for free. It is about what to post and what you post. Little confusing, then here is the detail. The right content can make your post viral. Your content should be unique enough to please people to share your post, video, content with their friends and family. Once people start liking your product, post, video then it will start growing by itself.

There are some tips and tricks:

1. The photography

You should make your post a lot detailed and it should be taken with great effort and with a really good pixel camera. So, you can get a high quality image to post. If you have a really good phone with a great camera or a DSLR then it will be alot easier to take a good picture. Now the point is that, just a camera is not the solution but you want unique style and great skill for nice photography. The quality of your photo needs to be good because this will attract others. Also use some fresh color effect so everything gets highlighted.  

2. Using Hashtags

The next tip is to use various and different types of hashtags to make your post’s description more effective and also it gives you 60% chance to make your post viral. Lots of people use hashtags. Now we know what you are thinking. Which hashtag we should use for our post? So, u have to just express your post in few or more words and just put #hashtag sign. For example: #goingout #friends #post #notime etc. These hashtags will get your posts on their timeline where these hashtags are first made. If you use the same hashtags for every post then it will improve more effectively. 

 3. Tagging Locations 

The next tip is to tag a location with the photo or album you post. The purpose behind tagging location is that the people in that location will get to your post a lot easier. You can just add area or city in your location because it is not necessary to add exact location. By adding specific locations you will get a lot of visits on your picture or post around that location. 

4. Giveaways 

Like we know that no one will say no to free stuff. If you have good wealth and if you are able to buy some expensive stuff for a giveaway then people will take interest in your post. Have any question like what is giveaway. So, basically giveaway is a type of gift you give to people who completed your condition or task which you have mentioned to win that particular stuff. Giveaways are one time spend money like you don’t have to giveaway like all the time but once you have something to giveaway then make sure you first giveaway is good enough to trust.

The thing which you are going to giveaway as a gift, that should be unique and new. You should not give something like that which you have already used once and now you don’t need it anymore, so you will use it as a giveaway. That is wrong and you can easily lose your publicity and trust. 

5. Like 4 Like & comment 4 comment 

So as you all know that to increase your engagement you will need to spend some time with other’s engagement. In an easy way you have to like and comment on other people’s posts on a daily basis. As it will improve your standing in the algorithm. In my advice you should like 15-20 posts daily. Note that this will work a lot slower but once it starts improving then your post or content will grow all over the instagram.

The same thing you have to do with comments, just visit some random profile and just simply like and comment on the first 6-7 pictures or post, with this they will notice you and maybe some of them will do the same thing with your posts. 

Some precautions: 

The last thing to mention is a lot of people follow other account and when they follow back, the first one to follow will unfollow them, we hope you guys understand what i am saying, we may tell you that this is a really bad method and this is may effect your account and there are really good chances that your account can get banned, also the algorithm of instagram don’t allow you to follow bunch of people in one day nor unfollow people in a day. 

Hope you guys understand, because we explained it in an easier and detailed way, we also hope that you got what you were looking for, one last hope is that this article was helpful for you, visit us often for more. 

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