How PUBG became famous? Who Made PUBG?

Who Made PUBG?

Player unknown battleground’s (PUBG) owner is Brandon Greene. Greene was really poor at first when this all started, it was 2013 and he was in his early 30’s. 

Six years ago, Brendan Greene was 37, divorced and making $300 a month. Today he is a creator of the massively popular “battle royale” genre and one of its top games, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, which brought in an estimated $1 billion in revenue in 2018. 

As a part-time web designer, Greene knew enough basic coding to experiment with his own “mod” games. He drew inspiration from existing “survivor”-style mods created by the online community as well as cult-classic Japanese sci-fi film “Battle Royale,” in which high school students are dropped on an island, given weapons and then forced to fight to the death.

First let’s talk about.

  • What is this game?
  • What does pubg mean?
  • Why is everyone so mad about it?
  • What does this game do, why is it so addicted?

Let’s find out. 

What is this game?

Actually this game is about a war zone, in which 100 players are deployed in a single map, and they have to survive till the last #1 player or squad left as a winner from all the #100 players. It has various types of system like you can play the match (war zone ground) as a single as solo mod in which you will be alone against #99 players, double mod as duo in which you will be with someone like two people will play the match against #98 players, and the last but not least squad mod in which you will be able to play with three more players and complete your match again #96 players. 

What does PUBG mean?  

PUBG is just a title and one alphabet is missing in it which is M. So, let’s complete it first, it will become PUBGM. It is pronounced as (PUB jee), and M is the symbol of Mobile, the full form of PUBGM is Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile. 

Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds is the title which means one battleground or a warzone in which #100 players gather around all the world, and their identities are unknown from one another. So, it becomes #100 player’s unknown battleground.

Why is everyone mad about it? 

Usually this game is not just a game but a feeling, and there are levels and also free matches like this game makes your mind work too fast it has more than 100 events and different maps and more then 10 modes. It has battleye integration, 4 types of maps called: ERANGLE, MIRAMAR, SANHOK and VIKENDI. It also has 4 types of gaming mods which are solo, duo, squad, and zombie survival. 

If we talk about normal match in which #100 players are on the battlegrounds, then every single player has their teammates in squad mode, there will be four players in a single squad.

It has a revived downed system like if your health is finished then you will not die instantly but you will be on your revive time, and your team mate should give you a revive in time so you can rise up again, the revive takes about 3.2 seconds and 4 seconds to heal yourself.

If we talk about duo or solo mode then it is defined as, in solo mode you can play against squads or solo players, like there are two options in solo mode, first one is you can play solo vs solo players and the second one is you can play solo vs squad players, same thing with dup but the only difference is that in solo mode you are alone and in duo you need one more player.

In zombie survival you have to survive against computerised controlled  zombies for the last 30 minutes to win the match. In this mode different types of zombies spawn from the bottom of the earth.

What does this game do, why is it so addicted? 

Basically this game does nothing but the main reason to play this game is you can experience a war by just playing a game, it makes your sense work fast, the reason behind its players get addicted to this game because this is the platform where you can play this game with your friends online, no matter how far is your friend but with this game you can connect and play together, and not only you can play but you can also talk like you are on the call. 

The various types of mods and maps, with different types of guns which a 12 year old kid doesn’t know how to use or whats the name of this gun can actually fire when seen one in real life just because with this game.

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