How to get verified on instagram

In this Article we will learn how can you get verified on Instagram. That makes your profile’s look good and gets special attention from visitors.

First of all we will talk about

What is a verification badge?

The verified badge is the blue tick mark in front of your username on your profile. This mark shows that your account is officially verified by instagram. 

This tick mark is the symbol of making your account established and taking it to the next level and it looks like a blue seal with a white tick mark in the center.

It is also for making people find your original profile, it is not necessary that it will only verify profiles it verifies insta brands, products, public figure, celebrities and other main activities.

You can apply instagram verification with your personal account as well as business account.

Now we will talk about who can access the verified badge?

There are some main steps that should be seen before applying for a verified badge.

  • Authentic. It is like you have to be who you really are, you have to tell your audience that this is the real account, brand, profile or product.
  • Unique. Of Course your account should be unique and only one person account can be classified for verification. It doesn’t verify copyright posts and brands including fan pages, meme pages and copyright pictures or brands.
  • Public. If you want to verify your instagram account then make sure it is viewable to everyone, it helps top brands and private accounts to visit your brand or profile, instagram monitors your most viewed activities before you get officially verified by instagram.
  • Complete. In this point you have to confirm that you have completed everything to make your profile unique, for  example: profile picture, bio, your website if u have any, and at last but not least is one post.
  • Notable. Once again let me tell you that for verification your account, profile, or brand should be most searched and viewed on instagram. 

Notice that if you already have a verified badge on facebook then it doesn’t mean, it’s necessary  that instagram will verify your account on instagram.

Next we will talk about how you will apply  for verification?

It usually takes a few seconds to apply for verification, all you have to just follow the steps mentioned below.

 Step 1: Log in to Instagram

First step is to log in your account which you have to verify if you have more then one accounts.

Step 2: Request verification

  1. Tap on the three lines, on the top right corner of your account. It is also a sign of options.

2. Then click on the setting icon. The gear icon as marked below.

verified account

3. Then look for a segment name Account.

get instagram verified

4. In this step you after opening the accounts setting, just simply tape on REQUEST VERIFICATION


5. then you will see a form looking like this.


There are some steps to be taken for completing this form further.

Step 1: So at first you have to confirm your identity, you have to fill in your instagram account name.

So Let’s Move To 2nd Step.

Step 2: Next, it needs your full and legal name which is issued by your government as identity card.

Step 3: Then i say KNOWN AS, in this dialogue box you have to fill your name or your company name. For example, if you have any nickname or if you use your middle name instead of first name so you can input all your information here.

Step 4:  then we will look into Category, here you have to choose the category like your company or your profile is about. For example, news/media, fashion, entertainment blogger/influencer, business/brand/organization, or other.

Step 5: after all this information you have to attach your government character ID.

Once you have done all the information just simple click the send button and after that instagram will be look after all you information and it will verify your account without any error or delay if the information you have entered is correct and truthful 

So, that’s all for now hope this article was hope this article was helpful for you, stay tuned for more, and if you face any problem please comment below, and if you like it then also please do comment, thanks for reading. Also Check Out How to GET FREE LIKES ON INSTAGRAM

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