How to start Blogging? Explained! Step by Step.

In this article I am going to tell you how to start blogging step by step or minding your thoughts and ideas about blogging. I am going to guide you about the complete blogging process step by step from starting (buying domain name) to collecting your earned money in your wallet. Starting your blogging career is opportunity for young generation to earn money from home.

Followings are the main highlight of those steps.




STEP 4: Applying for Adsense, Showing ads and Collecting Payments.

Before I explain the above steps, you may know some basic knowledge that is going to help you alot or if you are not interested so you can skip and jump towards the above steps. But I recommend you to stay with me and go with the flow and get guidance properly. This will help you with every upcoming step. Try to read so that you don’t face any problem during your start. It is so helpful and will make your start successful.

Why do you want to start blogging?

I am covering two major reasons. These reasons are found in the majority. Also I am going to describe further steps on how you can start blogging step by step. Such types of reasons are many but in this article, I am covering two fascinating and important topics.

The Following are those major reasons.

  • You want to earn.
  • Love to write & want to show your talent to others.

Lemme explain these fascinating points to you.

Want to Earn From Blogging

Like thousands of people are making money by blogging. Like them you can also make money but it is not very easy to do in a couple of days. You have to be patient. Your mind might be thinking how much money I am making online by this blog? And why did I start blogging? 


I also started blogging to earn money and the answer is “Yes! I am making more money and more than my expectations ever. That blogging is paying me more than my thoughts.”

Everyone can make money by blogging.

But at the start you have to keep patience and start maintaining your blogspot. You will definitely get positive results. Never give up, “One day your all hard work will pay you” and “You will be thanking yourself for not giving up” trust me.

Writing is your passion

If you love to write content and want to make a blog to deliver your knowledge to World, then blogging is the best way to convey your ideas, knowledge and passion all around the Globe. Also you can turn your passion into money and generate passive income to enhance your passion at a high level.

This category earns more than those who adopt blogging to earn money because if you are passionate then you will never get bored or tired. And you will work with consistency and this is all and only the blogging wants from you.


Yes! You heard absolutely right! You need consistency in blogging, it will pay you a lot.

You must have heard about passions. Let me define “passion”, it means the work you love to do, and it becomes very important in your daily life. For example: writing articles, presenting your arts and teaching also comes in passion.

Now think about your blog category, the topic of the blog is going to be the main focus for the viewers.

  • Thinking/Idea
  • Minding Your Thoughts

Thinking & Idea About Blogging

An idea is the main and effective part of a business. That attracts people and thus a business becomes successful. So, you have to find creative and trendy topics that are gonna be the main highlight of Blogspot.

As described in the previous article, you need a reason to start blogging. It’s not a windows start button that you have to press and it will work automatically. (bad joke :p) sorry <3

how to start blogging

You need an idea for a startup, as an example: you are going to make a blog technology, travel blog or a learning blog. So I need a solid idea and select an easy category to start.

Not finding an idea for a start up feel free to email me ( and i will suggest you an idea even i will guide you the complete process and will help to solve your every problem.

We don’t want to get affected by google ranking. So, we need to select only one main niche that our blog is about.

Minding thoughts

You have to keep patient, it’s not a joke. Before getting started you must clear your questions that you are having in your mind. Also must clear to you that it is not going to pay you instantly. It will pay, and will definitely pay you a lot but once you get it started properly after smart and continuous work.

It’s not a kind of job that will pay you a fixed amount every month, but your own business that will fill your pocket as it grows. So you have to be patient, keep calm and focus on your blog. And BOOM! Your dream is gonna come true. (I pray!)


Blogging is not a short term job, It’s a long term career and will feed you till the end of your life. If you invest 4-5 precious hours per day in blogging, definitely it’s a great deal and will pay you more than expectations ever.

You have to promise yourself that you will be regular and stop wasting your time and be committed to your ideas, and absolutely not to give up at the start. It is so easy, I assure you that you will succeed and will thank me for not giving up.

Hope you guys get motivated and you got my point of view that i tried to deliver you in this article. Thank you! Share posivitiy SHARE LOVE!

Keep all above stuff in your mind, here we will learn the important topic in the next detailed article. So, Also give a look on some major themes for wordpress

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