Make realistic image from simple drawing with Nvidia GAUGAN

Like me, Are you also bad at drawing and painting? Hold on I got a solution for you. You do not need to waste time by learning all these stuff. You do not need any drawing skills. Just follow my guide and get benefits. 

So, In this article I am going to teach you how to make a realistic image from a simple drawing. You just need to draw some lines. This tool will help you to make a realistic image or painting. This AI tool is free and easy to use. At the end I will Also show some of my realistic images, and I will share my experience, how I made them and how this tool converted it into realistic images.


  • This is a Web based AI tool on testing mode, which helps to make a realistic image by a simple drawing. Maybe NVIDIA will launch it’s full version very soon for Windows, iOS or for Android devices. Currently it is accessible from any browser. 
  • It is named GAUGAN after post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin. It creates a photorealistic image from a segmentation map.


Artists can use paintbrushes and basket tools to draw and design their own landscapes and things like clouds, trees, water, plants, rivers, rocks and many more. Users can apply filters to their sketches like from daytime to sunsets filter.

Even users can upload their own artwork to use as a foundation and make a masterpiece artwork by their own idea. After making a sketch you just need to press a convert button, and BOOM you are done.

It will make a realistic image, now you can download it into your device and use it anywhere for free. You do not need to hire a painter to paint professional paintings for you. You can do it yourself for free.

Who NEED it?

NVIDIA GAUGAN is a free tool for making realistic landscapes. Anyone who loves painting and does not know how to paint. And he/she wants to draw professional and realistic images for personal use or blog, or social media page to attract visitors.

Grow your circle on social media because good graphics always get attraction from everywhere. Build your own community and become famous on social media websites. 

How to use it! (using NVIDIA GAUGAN tool step by step)

1. Follow Link to go to NVIDIA site, and scroll down to locate NVIDIA GAUGAN. Now, click on Launch Interactive Demo.

nvidia gaugan image

Or Click Here to load the demo directly.

screen shot demo realistic image
Screenshot: Demo Site

2. Draw anything with the help of brush, by selecting brushes accordingly (river brush, rock brush etc.) 

i)  Adjust brush size and shape by clicking on them, located on the top bar. (highlighted yellow in attached image)

Screenshot: Brushes type realistic image from simple painting
Screenshot: Brushes Demo

ii)  Use a Fill icon to fill a specific color in a specific area.

Screenshot: Brushes type realistic image from simple painting
Screenshot: Fill icon

iii)  Use Building, Ground, Landscape  and Plant to make your artwork. 

Screenshot: Brushes type realistic image from simple painting
Screenshot: Brushes type

(You can also use your artwork as foundation for this painting, by uploading it there as segmentation map (.png only), landscape image or a custom style filter)

3. After making an artwork click, scroll down and check the box to agree their terms and conditions and privacy policy and click on the arrow to convert it into a realistic image. 

converting into realistic image
Screenshot: Converting into realistic image

You can download both of those paintings. And use them anywhere on social media and websites. 

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My Gallery! Some of my Realistic Images

Every Image contains two different photos, there is my painting on the left side and on the right side that painting is converted into a realistic image. Have a look at the images below and also read to understand how i make them.

Sea In Front of Mountains:

The above painting is better, but the realistic image verison is very lit. There are two mountains opposite to each other and the clouds are wandering in the sky between these two mountains. The Sea is looking super beautiful in front of those mountains. This realistic image is very impressive, I can surely say that no one could find that is it real or just a painting.

River, Clouds & Hill

Some clouds, hills, mountains, rivers and rocks are used. This image is one of the amazing and professional photography looking images. Some Various brushes and tools are used perfectly to make this. But guess what, it is really looking so professional. If you show this realistic image to someone and ask how it was captured, he would really say that a professional photographer took this image by a professional camera setup. But you know that this is just paint and then converted into a realistic image by NVIDIA GAUGAN AI TOOL.

Rocks in the Sea

Two rocks are located inside the sea and clouds are going back to home. Some stones are also there near those rocks (see paint). This image also looks awesome because NVIDIA turned it very confidently.

Mountains Near Sea

This is a substandard painting but the Nvidia Gaugan Ai Tool gave it a very beautiful and realistic look. In this image there is sea around hills and mountains, and the sky is giving a very superb look to the whole image. That’s why the realistic image is very clear to see. On the other hand we can not differentiate between hills and water in painted image.


The Above tool is really helpful for many publishers, bloggers and social media marketers etc to make beautiful images for their blogs etc. At the end please try NVidia GAUGAN to make beautiful and impressive images just by simple drawings.

I hope you learn how to make realistic images from simple drawing or painting with NVIDIA GAUGAN TOOL for free. If you are having any query or question related to our topic, feel free to ask me in the comment below or email us at or Till the next wonderful topic, stay healthy and enjoy good health. 

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