In this article, I am going to guide you about how to make necessary & important pages for your blogspot to get approved by Google Adsense. So, there are some important pages that are very necessary for your blog. If you do not create these pages, Adsense will not approve your Application for displaying their Ads on your website. 

It’s the STEP 3 of our blogging journey, and it is a really important part of any website while applying for Adsense. So, In this lesson we will learn about how to create these necessary pages and publish them on your website.

We learnt How to write an article in the previous lesson. 

First of all, make sure that you wrote at least 20 articles on your website having more than 1000 words each. Also you need 100% unique content. You can write yourself or hire someone to do that. Never copy content of anyone, because Google knows whether you are copying or not. I assure you that you will definitely get approval after following my instructions. 

It is so easy to create these pages, you dont need any professional skills to make those important pages. Necessary pages are actually about our site like what we do, what we collect from our visitors and what we present on our site. So that Google rank us on the search engine. Now we are going to learn about those important pages without those, your site is incomplete.  Let’s get into the lesson, without further delay.

So there are three important pages:

  • 1. Privacy Policy
  • 2. About Us
  • 3. Contact Us

So, let’s learn these three pages in detail.

Privacy Policy:

In this page you have to describe the visitor’s privacy, when they visit your website. Let’s define it to get it clear:

“It is a statement or a valid document that describes all the things that someone collects, uses, keeps or manages the details of its customers.”

It is a very essential part of every site the visitors and search engine find them authentic and trustable. Even if your site does not store or collect any information, you must create this privacy policy page because it provides protection to your site and visitors.

Who needs a Privacy Policy page on their site?

Any site that collects data from its visitors, viewers or guests have to make a page about everything they collect.

Creating Privacy Policy Page:

The Privacy Policy page is very simple to be created. There are thousands of online tools that create all these important pages for 100% free. Some People say to avoid these tools, but I say you should use them if you can not create all those things or find it difficult to create it on your own. I would like to share the tool I often &  personally use. 

That is WebBeat Policy Generator.

You can make a privacy policy page in one click, just by providing Site name, Site URL, About Site, Name and Email Address. Use this tool and tell us by commenting wasn’t it so easy? Or having any problem, feel free to Contact us

About Us:

This is another important page for a company’s website. So, that its customers get interest in knowing their actual team or what that company offers etc. 

The About Us page actually reflects the purpose & personality of that company, its owners and employees.

Who needs an About Us page on their site?

Every website that provides services and features to its visitors or viewers have to create an About Us page to engage their customers. So that the company builds trust over their customers, and helps in getting more profit. 

Creating an About Us page:

To create an About Us page, you have to provide detailed information, features and services about your company. So, that if any customer visits your site, she/he may get a positive idea regarding your site.

When you create a Privacy Policy page using the above tool, you also get an About Us page below Privacy Policy. Privacy Policy Generator also creates an About Us page. What are you waiting for? Click Here and create all important pages in one click. Isn’t it an impressive tool, comment down if it worked for you.

Now it’s time to copy all text, and paste it in your website.

Contact Us:

Similar to a Privacy Policy and the about us page, A contact Us page really helps to build attraction for a company. It helps your customers to get in touch with you, so that if they want any support, want to ask questions or want to collaborate with you or advertise their company to your customers. Similarly, if they are having any promotional offer, they will contact you through your provided emails of contact form.

Who needs a Contact Us page on their site?

If you want to reduce your frustration about how your customers get in touch with you?

You need to create a contact form. It is even better since your customers will be able to get in touch with you and ask about their queries. So that you solve their Problems.

Or if you think your customer will need any help regarding using your services, you definitely need the Contact Us page for your company’s website. It helps your customers and builds their trust over your company and makes engagement between you and your customers.

Creating a Contact Us page:

For Creating a Contact Us page you don’t need rocket science knowledge. 

Simply put your contact details like: Email address, Contact number, WhatsApp Number and your Company’s Address. 

Also you can include your website’s social pages link. So that they remain in touch with your new services posted on social media e.g Facebook, twitter or Instagram etc. 

As, we created the above pages with a tool. We can also use the above tool for the Contact us page. So, click here and create it in one click! When you provide your information and click on generate, it automatically creates all the pages that are necessary for your website. So, Copy them and publish on your site. 

Also if this article helped you, please comment down your experience with this tool. Or having any problem, please comment below. 


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