What is blogging? How to start blogging? Why to start blogging?

In this article I am going to cover four major questions asked about blogging. I am going to present my idea about what is blogging? How to start blogging? Why should you start blogging and how much can you earn by blogging?

What is blogging?

Before going to start blogging, you must know about blogging and also how it is helpful for you.

Boom! You are at the right place, here you will find all the answers that you are searching for.

what is blogging?


Nowadays, Blogging has become a wealthy profession. Which can give you a luxury Lifestyle, a lot Fame and Money. At start it is quite difficult but when you learn it, You become unstoppable, you grow and get results at every single update.

You get a lot of traffic, you earn more and your business grows day by day. You can adopt blogging as a full time career and make a lot of money.

Also if you give 2 or 3 hours per day, You will get results but at a basic level it’s good!




Why should you start blogging?

Blogging is a wide profession that can be trending in future. In the below list, I provided you some important reasons why you need to start blogging.

Blogging pays you.

blogging pays you, you earn money


Blogging is an amazing tool to make money online.

You must have heard and seen people saying that they are making a lot of money by writing articles on their blogspots.

You can monetize your blog with hundreds of tools like Adsense, Amazon Affiliates etc.

They pay a lot, not only hundreds of dollars but you can make it a full time job.

Continue this article, to know you can also make thousands of dollars per month as a blogger.



Blogging helps others.

helping is great thing, you help people.


Blogging is very easy, fascinating and helpful for others. You should know that 77% of internet users read blogs to learn new things.

If you share your knowledge through your blog, it could help millions of the people who want to learn. Your updated and creative ideas delivered through articles help people in their daily life.

You become an online helper and it results in the happiness of thousands of peoples. And their smiles, love and care for you makes your life happy and peaceful as well.



Blogging improves your research skills

Blogging improves your research skills


When you research a particular topic to write an article. You read different articles that are related to your topic, that provides you different points of view from different writers.

So, You become a master in researching and this improves you day by day.


Blogging connects you around the Globe.

you connect to world


Your blog is visited by many peoples around the Globe. Your new and creative skills become known to World. You guide all of them. This is how you build a connection between you and your visitors from different countries.

This connection results in getting famous and many Brands all over the World offer you to work with them.

By accepting their offer and promoting them on your platform, you can make a lot of passive income.


Blogging helps you to improve your vocabulary.

Blogging helps you to improve your vocabulary.


Blogging is such a great tool that helps you and others to experience and learn new things even a single day only.

When a blogger is busy in writing a new blog post he/she uses their best grammar skills to deliver their concept to the readers. It helps a lot and your readers concentrate to understand your point of view.

So, it results in improving vacubs and grammatical skills.

You become famous.

makes you famous


When you focus on your blogspot by providing an original, authentic and easier content for your visitors. Google finds it authentic and ranks your site in the top list of search results.

So it results in growth of your site, getting more visitors and attracting thousands of people. And your site is featured by others.

So you get famous, get a brand offer and start making a lot of income.

BOOM! You become a Social media star named as “blogger”.

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How can you start?

Everyone can start it, you just need three basic skills?

  • Creative idea
  • Article Writing
  • Drawing Skills

Don’t worry if you don’t have these skills, I’ll teach you.

skills needed for blogging


Creative idea:

The first step is to find a creative idea that is going to be a niche of your blog. You can also make a multi-niche blog but I don’t recommend you to make a multi-niche blog because google doesn’t rank that type of blog on the 1st page. Your blog name should be related to the niche you selected.

Article writing:

      Article writing skill is the second most important thing in blogging. Your articles should be informative, interesting and engaging to visitors, so that connection between you and your visitors build. You have to write informally but formally language means being in limits you have to build your connection to visitors.

Drawing skills:

You should also know drawing, sketching and painting skills at the basic level. So that you can teach you visitors by that Art, in your articles.

Like if you write an article, you should also include artwork in that to get viewers special attraction.

How much can you earn by blogging??

It’s so easy to make money by blogging, just by writing online? Yes it is much easier!

You can make around $400-$1100 per month in your first year, but after some time when you build some traffic you can increase your revenue even more than you think.

How much can you earn?

How much can you earn?

So, it’s the right time to grow your online business and start making money. Stop wasting your time on scam websites and be your own boss. In blogging you have very less chances to lose and it can maximize your profit in a few days.

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