Smartphones in 2020: Which smartphone is best to use?

Smartphones are most commonly used device, smartphones can be classified as a devices which performs many of the functions of a computer, typically having a touchscreen interface, internet access, and an operating system capable of running download apps, and these smartphones can be used in journeys as a navigator on calls, contact and it also helps you to keep the world in touch with you. There are various types of companies that provides best smartphones.

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What is this article about?

This article is about all the companies that sell smartphones, we will discuss all the companies and their products that are the best to use and also their prices so we would know which smartphone is best and also a normal person can buy it. 

You will know about:-

  • Which company is best in smartphones?
  • Different product of different companies 

Which company is best for smartphones?

There are various types of companies all around the world. I:e, Apple, Samsung, Huawei and nokia are four main companies which are used most all around the world. Also there are more companies which sell smartphones like lava, mi, oppo, vivo, and blackberry. 

Apple is the most used company around the world, these days most of the people use Apple company for their business uses. Apple company contains various type of product mac book is used as a laptop for the business use, iphone is a smartphone which is used as a mini computer device to be in touch with the world no matter where you are, i pods are special made devices which are specifically used for listening music it also contains radio. More product are there which are used only for gaming like iphone 3Gs, SE and 5C

Different products of different smartphones companies:

Samsung :

First we will highlight the most famous company which is called Samsung. Samsung is the most luxurious phone of all time, the most used smartphones in galaxy series are Samsung Galaxy S10, samsung galaxy A6 and samsung galaxy note 9 are the most used mobile phones in the world. 

Samsung galaxy S10 series.

Galaxy s10 is a commercial phone. It has a 6.10 inch display with samsung exynos 9820 processor and has a 10 MP front camera and 12MP+12MP+16MP back camera, yes! It has three cameras at the back. It also has 8GB ram with 128GB storage and 3400 mAH with software OS android 9.0.

prices :-

USA        =  700$

Pakistan  =  139,999 PKR

India        =  51,480 INR

Dubai       =  3300 AED

UK          =  499.00 £

Samsung galaxy A6.

Samsung galaxy A6 is a really nice phone to use. It is the best model in A series it has 5.6 inch wide screen, 16 MP back camera and same as front selfie camera, it also has 3.4GB RAM and exynos 7870 Octa processor, it contains 3000 mAh battery and this model was launched in 2018.

prices :-

USA        =  485.99$

Pakistan  =   49,999PKR

India        =   16,990INR

Dubai       =  1,449 AED

UK          =   200£

Samsung galaxy note 9.

This smartphone is the example of all in one operating system. Every note series mobile has a physical pen in it. It has a 6.4 inch wide screen with 1440×2960 pixels graphics and it has 12 MP rear camera and also it has 6.8 GB RAM with exynos 9810 processor. The battery capacity of note 9 is about 4000 mAh. The samsung galaxy note 9 was released on 24th of August 2018.

prices :-

USA        =  1,249.99 $

Pakistan  =  139,999 PKR

India        =  71,599 INR

Dubai       = 1,679 AED

UK          =  899 £


Apple products are more reliable and safer than others. The main HQ of Apple Inc. is in California, America. This Apple Inc. is the company that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer softwares, and online services. Their products are famous all around the world, it has only one common series, which is called the (i) series, for example iphones, ipods and ipads. This company also has laptops with their own IOS softwares, these laptops are called macbooks. But we are going to talk about smart phones in this article, so we should keep the laptop section aside for now.

So first of all we are going to talk about all the (i) series smartphones and their prices with their configuration. Now we will talk about all the (i) series products which are 

  1. Iphone 
  2. Iphone 3G
  3. Iphone 3Gs
  4. Iphone 4
  5. Iphone 4s
  6. Iphone 5
  7. Iphone 5s 
  8. Iphone 5c 
  9. Iphone 6
  10. Iphone 6 plus
  11. Iphone 6s
  12. Iphone 6s plus
  13. Iphone SE (1st Generation)
  14. Iphone 7
  15. Iphone 7 plus
  16. Iphone 8 
  17. Iphone 8 plus
  18. Iphone X
  19. Iphone XR
  20. Iphone XS
  21. Iphone XS Max 
  22. Iphone 11
  23. Iphone 11 pro
  24. Iphone 11 pro Max 
  25. Iphone SE ( 2nd Generation)

The most popular and most used iphones are iphone 7, 7+, 8 and X. 

We will go little detail about these products 


First we will look at 

Iphone 7.

Iphone 7 has a 1960 mAh battery capacity, and if we talk about the camera then it has a 7 MP selfie camera and 12.2 MP rear camera with 4k video quality. If we talk about network then it is fully 4G sported device, the Apple Inc. has its own softwares and CPUs and iphone 7 has core design Apple Fusion x 2 and has T8010 “A10” CPU with 2.34 GHz CPU speed. The final software update in it are IOS 9.1 and IOS 9.3 with 2 GB RAM. There are 3 types of memories in the iPhone 7 32/128/256 GB.

prices :-

USA        =  170.97 $

Pakistan  =  63,050 PKR

India        =  31,500 INR

Dubai       = 1,136 AED

UK          =  295.20 £

Iphone 7+. 

Iphone 7+ has a 2900mAh battery capacity, and if we talk about its camera then it has 7 MP front selfie camera and it has 2 cameras at back one is 2 MP and other one is 12.2MP with 4k video recording quality and a build in slow motion with time lapse. It has the same operating system as iphone 7, core design: Apple Fusion x 2, 

prices :-

USA        =  170.97 $

Pakistan  =  63,050 PKR

India        =  31,920 INR

Dubai       = 1,399 AED

UK          =  599 £

Iphone 8.

Iphone 8 has 1821 mAh batter, and if we talk about its camera then it has 7 MP of front selfie camera and 12.2 MP rear camera with 4k hd recording and slow motion videos, it has core design Apple monsoon x2 and Apple mistral x4 with T8015 “A11” CPU and 2.36 GHz CPU speed. It is fully functional 4G mobile. 

prices :-

USA        =  499.99 $

Pakistan  =  108,610 PKR

India        =  38,999 INR

Dubai       = 1,676 AED

UK          =  479 £

Iphone X.

Iphone X is a really good phone but only for those who understand how to use it. In my opinion this is the best of Apple Inc. if we talk about its configuration then it has 2716 mAh battery capacity and it has dual camera at the back which is 2 x 12.2 MP with 4k video recording and slow motion with time lapse. It is a fully supported 4G device. It has core design Apple x2 and Apple mistral x4 with T8015 “A11” CPU and 2.39 GHz speed. It has 3GB RAM.

prices :-

USA        =  999 $

Pakistan  =  144,999 PKR

India        =  31,920 INR

Dubai       = 2,405 AED

UK          =  1,149 £

We will discuss these points in another article, hope this article was helpful for you plz comment below if you have any problem regarding technology.

Stay tuned for these points 

  • Which product is least expensive?
  • Which product is most expensive?
  • Which smartphone we should buy and why?

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