Know if you are blocked on Instagram

To know if you are blocked on Instagram. At first let’s take it simple, just imagine that you are using Instagram like a normal day and suddenly you realize that you haven’t seen “soo and soo” on your feed for a long time, and you head towards the search box to see what they’re up to.

Now you have reached the search engine page (the search box) and you searched the suspects account and the search doesn’t pop out your suspect’s account, know if you are blocked on Instagram then you keep searching for two or three times but the same thing happens again and again. 

What would be your thoughts ?

  • Is there a problem with my account?
  • Or there a problem with the suspect’s account?
  • And if there a problem with the Instagram?

No, all of the above problems are just a common thing, the real thing is the suspect you’re looking for has blocked you.

Little nervous? but you also can’t believe if it’s true or not.

So, in this article, we are going to tell you how to check, who blocked you on your Instagram. You are right if want to know if you are blocked by someone on Instagram.

Check who blocked you on Instagram

Now, you have to just follow the steps mentioned below one by one.

  • At first just open the Instagram app or Instagram web and go to your search engine (search box) and search the suspects name 
  • If it shows up then you’re not blocked but just restricted or has been removed from their followers list.
  • If the name or id of your suspect does not pop up in your search box then they have blocked you. 
  • Then the second thing to check it is, just go to your mutual friend, like which are closer to your suspect and comments on your suspects posts often or, your suspect comments on their posts.
  • Once you found your mutual friend, go to their comments and check if your suspect is in their post or not.
  • Now just simply click on it and then, if you can’t see their content even if it shows the number of posts, that means they have blocked you.
  • Also if you can see their profile picture but the Instagram shows you that (user not found), then this also means that they have blocked you.

Now the other point is these things appear when someone has a private account, then how should we believe that they have blocked us? 

The answer to this question is that if the account is set on privacy (some accounts are set to privacy means only their followers can see their post and react to it), then the account must be shown in the search box.

But the case is that we can’t even see the suspects profile in our search box.

So now you came to know that you’ve been blocked from the suspect. NOW WHAT?

Well it’s not the end of the world, there are a lot of people on social media that you meet daily and note that no one is permanent, everyone has to leave you one day. Only the thing is that you have to move on.

Also you don’t have rights to blame yourself, if they blocked you it doesn’t mean you have bad content or if you think you should stop posting photos and videos or anything will be wrong. Just think what if they wanted you to stop, it is also true that if you are doing something for yourself 60% of people will force you to stop it sometime it’s your parents too. Now it’s not that you are going against your parents by doing what your heart says but just they don’t know much about it, so just prove them that what you are up to is not wrong.

So, guys the moral is that never stop or give up so soon for someone who doesn’t even care about it so just move on and be yourself, hope this article helped you, if you have some problem facing something in your life, contact us on our facebook page or just simply comment   below and we will look into your problem and try our best to solve it as soon as possible. Also comment below and rate this article, how much this article helped you.

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